Outdoor Recreation Club—Est. 1988


The Outdoor Recreation Club was founded in 1988 as a resource for Lawrentians to spend time engaging in outdoors activities.

The ORC House has occupied 742 E. Boldt Way since 1998. It is currently the longest-running formal group or theme house in Lawrence history.


The ORC serves the Lawrence community by offering a variety of outdoor recreation trips, including hiking, canoeing, kayaking, skiing, caving, and diving trips.

ORC strives to provide students with opportunities to spend time in the great outdoors, as well as inform the community about outdoor adventure through guest speakers. 

Additionally, ORC provides opportunities for certification in wilderness first-aid, wilderness first-responder, and other outdoor classes.

Recent speakers include Mike Link and Kate Crowley of Full Circle Superior, Paul Schurke, an arctic explorer, and Tim Cooper, a Grand Canyon river guide.

These trips and events are open to the entire Lawrence community—both beginners and those experienced in wilderness activities—at very little cost. 

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